What is Candy Floss?

Cotton candy is a type of confectionery which has a main ingredient that is colored sugar. It is also called as fairy floss in countries like Australia, and some calls it Candy floss in UK, South Africa.

It is made by heating by a spun(Spinning) sugar which spins and liquefy to form a strand of sugar glass which you can packed in a bag or spin it to a stick and eat it right away.

It is usually see in carnivals or festivals which kids love to enjoy.

Some say the Spun (Spinning) Sugar was originated from Europe in the 19th century and some says it was originated from in the early 15th centuries.

The spinning machine was invented in 1897 by a dentist named, William Morrison and a Confectioner named John C. The machine was then re-invented by a Dentist named Joseph Lascaux from New Orleans,Louisiana in 1921. Then in the 1970s an automatic machine was created to make production easier to sell in the carnivals, and stores.

The original color of the floss is white, but now we prefer to have more colors and flavors add on to it

Candy Floss is still popular among the kids now days , the sweetness, flavor, and colorful candy are just irresistible, , it is a must have candy in any carnivals, or events.

Pop Candy Sg cater to all events, such birthday parties, weddings, charity events, or own carnival party. Renting a candy floss machine has never been easier as all machine comes with a manpower to operate the machines and serve your guest

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